Perpetual Gloom: A Conversation with Shelah Johnson and JR Santana

Shelah A Johnson

Shelah A Johnson

The recipient of 9 awards from The Society for Technical Communication, is also a published photographer and has produced and directed more than 40 lifestyle broadcast segments focused on eco and small space living.
In this conversation hosted by Inside Scoop Live, you will learn how we are getting closer to accomplishing the goals and leveling up the trilogy project.


  • About The Boloney Trail Trilogy and the historical era
  • Parallels to Today’s Society
  • Progression from a novel to the screen through their partnership
  • Marketability, casting hopefuls, and the next steps
  • Audiobook production
  • What’s next with the project?
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Perpetual Gloom, A two rut-road along The Boloney Trail

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Perpetual Gloom, A two rut-road along The Boloney Trail
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