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New Novel Challenges Whitewashed US History through Disturbing Parallels of Social and Economic Oppression, Religious Zealotry and Women’s Rights 

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Perpetual Gloom: A two rut-road along The Boloney Trail

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“Perpetual Gloom: A two rut-road along The Boloney Trail” is the first book in The Boloney Trail trilogy by Shelah Johnson. Founded on true events, the story renders a disconcerting tale that launches during the Great Depression, a dismal, unforgiving period in American history which left many destitute, broken—or dead.

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From the dusk of the Great Depression to the dawn of the Sinaloa drugs cartel, Shelah Johnson launches Perpetual Gloom – the first book in her three-generational trilogy, on Feburary.

Learn more: The Boloney Trail release of book 1: Perpetual Gloom

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Perpetual Gloom, A two rut-road along The Boloney Trail

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Perpetual Gloom, A two rut-road along The Boloney Trail