Major New TV Series in Development


Blue Moth Partners are excited to announce the development of a major new TV series based upon The Boloney Trail trilogy.


The Boloney Trail leads Monroe and Dora, and their growing family, to new opportunities, risks and unforeseen consequences that ultimately may cost them more than they are able to pay.

Book 2

Perpetual Glooms Free Chapters

Livin’ like a hurricane

Under pressure to meet Dora’s financial and religious aims, Monroe accepts a business opportunity and moves his family to Mexico.

Here, he sets himself up as a heroin and gun runner for the budding Sinaloa Cartel, but not long after, Monroe’s lifestyle and numerous infidelities puts a strain on the marriage.

Dora leaves Monroe and the kids behind in Mexico and takes a hostess job at the Crystal Bay Club at Lake Tahoe, where she becomes a regular feature amongst the famous ‘Rat Pack’ set.

famous ‘Rat Pack’ set.

Release Date:  Q1 2023

Book 3

Shattering Light

Digging out tar and gravel

Not long after, Monroe finds himself dangerously in over his head with an ever-increasingly violent and ruthless business. Looking to save his own skin, he goes into hiding with a mistress.

Without a care for his children, Monroe completely abandons his 9-year-old daughter, Shelda, and her two younger siblings, to fend for themselves on the streets of Mexico.

Despite all the odds though, the children use all their innocent resourcefulness to survive and eventually find their way back home

Release Date: Q4 2023


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Perpetual Gloom, A two rut-road along The Boloney Trail

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Perpetual Gloom, A two rut-road along The Boloney Trail
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