The Blue Moth Partners are an award-winning creative team formed between author Shelah A Johnson and Screenwriter J R Santana. Guided by a ‘best idea wins’ principle, the objective of the collaboration is to promote The Boloney Trail trilogy of books and to exploit the spin- offs across different platforms (e.g. film, TV, radio, print & digital publishing). BMP is currently developing a major TV series based on the book trilogy.



The recipient of 9 awards from The Society for Technical Communication, is also a published photographer, and has produced and directed more than 40 lifestyle broadcast segments focused on eco and small space living. 

She directed, produced, and is the co-creator of the documentary series, Where Small Business Grows (Amazon Prime).

Shelah lives a life of voluntary simplicity, where she makes a mid-century modern Airstream her home on an island in the Pacific Northwest and enjoys kayaking and traveling across the country and around the world.



JR Santana is an award-winning Screenwriter and Producer. With over three decades of experience working in Hollywood and Europe, JR has been involved in productions ranging from $1m – $25m, all with A list cast. As a Screenwriter, he has won the Kodak Award for Outstanding Cinematic Achievement, the Turner Classic Movies Prize, Best Film at the Interfilm Berlin Film Festival as well as being nominated for two consecutive BAFTA Awards. He also holds a Master’s degree from Cambridge University. When not working, JR spends his free time riding his vintage British motorcycle, competing in International Long Range Match Rifle competitions and penning his debut novel.


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Perpetual Gloom, A two rut-road along The Boloney Trail

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Perpetual Gloom, A two rut-road along The Boloney Trail