5 Must-Haves When Taking a Novel to the Screen

Shelah A Johnson

Shelah A Johnson

The recipient of 9 awards from The Society for Technical Communication, is also a published photographer and has produced and directed more than 40 lifestyle broadcast segments focused on eco and small space living.

Have you ever wondered how some great books make it to the big screen while others fail to get picked up?

Award-winning screenwriter and producer, J R Santana, shares the top 5 elements he considered before attaching to The Boloney Trail project.

Uniqueness of the world or story setting – or, if familiar, an insider’s view of that milieu.

e.g. The Great Depression / Mexican drug cartels

A narrative that lends itself to strong visual storytelling for scene building later on with the script / screenplay.

e.g. Road movies, quest movies.

Unusual or memorable characters with strong dialogue / unique speech patterns.

e.g. Lord of the Rings

Themes which are relevant and/or reveal something new about the human condition.

e.g. The Shawshank Redemption

The potential to develop sequels, spin offs / franchise opportunities.

e.g. Breaking Bad / Better Call Saul

J R Santana talks about how he developed the pilot from Perpetual Gloom on Z Radio… 

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Perpetual Gloom, A two rut-road along The Boloney Trail

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Perpetual Gloom, A two rut-road along The Boloney Trail
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